Accredited by A2LA to ISO/IEC 17025, ANSI/NCSL Z540-1. Our certificate number 1896.01

PTC Metrology™ is the calibration laboratory of PTC® Instruments, the world's leading manufacturer of durometers and bimetal surface thermometers. Our certificate from A2LA covers... In keeping with the worldwide demand for accredited calibrations, PTC Metrology™ has chosen A2LA as our accrediting body. Click on the link to view our scope of our accreditation.

If you need an RMA number to return an instrument for calibration, repair and/or written certification, please fill out our Return Authorization Form.

Durometer Calibration

Durometer calibration includes optical inspection of the indenter geometry, a load cell for measuring the force curve, and gage blocks to check indenter extension and gage linearity. This includes all attributes listed in ASTM D2240 Section 7 and other international standards. A2LA Accredited for Durometer Calibration PTC METROLOGY™ uses NIST Traceable Standards and Meets the Requirements of:
  • ISO/IEC Guide 17025
  • ANSI/NCSL Z540-1

Temperature Calibration

In temperature calibration, PTC® has chosen primarily products from Hart Scientific/ Fluke, which supplies most national and international standards labs with calibration equipment. The Hart Scientific Super Thermometer is center stage along with SPRTs featuring calibration traceable to the fixed points of the ITS-90 temperature scale. A water triple point cell (0.01°C ±0.0001) is used to correct any drift that the SPRT may experience on an ongoing basis.

At low temperatures a liquid nitrogen comparator is used at -196°C, followed by various stirred baths and topped at the high end by a large 1200°C calibration furnance. Thermocouples are handled by a Hart Scientific Black Stack and TC Furnace while thermistors can be measured with the Hart Scientific Super Thermometer.

Surface Temperature Calibration
Surface temperature is measured using a Hart Scientific model 3125 calibrator with a microprocessor based controller for stability and independent PRT's and readouts for accuracy.

Pressure Calibration

Our lab offers pressure calibration from 6 to 12140 PSIG with an uncertainty of 50 parts in million with a Ruska 2400 HL Deadweight Tester. Our laboratory has the capabilities to calibrate general purpose gauges, utility, industrial and process gauges, test gauges, pressure recorders and data loggers.

Humidity Calibration

PTC Metrology™ offers standard humidity certifications; which include as received and as returned data; a statement of uncertainty; laboratory conditions; and information on the primary standards.
What's in it for You?

First, since accreditation involves a third party assessment of a laboratory's QA program and technical capabilities, it provides an impartial viewpoint of the competency of the laboratory. It also provides an unbiased assessment of the laboratory's standards, procedures, personnel qualifications and traceability to an appropriate national laboratory. In the United States, this means traceability of all standards to NIST. By showing traceability to NIST, it shows traceability that is accepted worldwide. In short, accreditation offers the lab's customers a high level of confidence in its quality and technical abilities.

Second, many companies including ISO 9000 certified companies include calibration requirements. Many companies include accreditation for calibration suppliers as a mandatory part of their QA system. Often, accredited suppliers need only remit a copy of their accreditation scope in order to become an approved vendor. This eliminates the need for time-consuming, expensive audits and other supplier evaluation methods. Further, in cases where customers' audits are still necessary, the audits run smoother when accredited suppliers are used.

In regard to temperature, PTC Metrology™ has received ISO 17025 accreditation from A2LA. PTC®'s temperature laboratory is equipped with primary and secondary standards, precision readouts, standard resistors and other related test equipment.

PTC Metrology™ was A2LA accredited in March, 2002 (Cert #1896.01)
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